Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kate's Rebellion

As far as I can remember, Kate has reached a new FIRST in her young life: she has come up with her own expression to show her disgust or rebellion.  We were on vacation the past week, and that's when it started.  Kelley and I heard it a couple times each before we realized she was actually SAYING something PURPOSEFULLY.  I'm going to keep this as short as possible and show you a video to show you where she got her EXPRESSION.

Each time she said it, she was mad.  For example, on our way home from vacation, she threw her sunglasses across the back of the car against the window.  She's been told plenty of times not to do that, so I turned around and popped her on the leg (Kelley was driving).  Normally, that brings a few tears followed by an apology.  This time, she leaned forward, glared at me, and said something that sounded like "AHN-tie"!!!  She sounded like Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid.

Since it sounded like an Asian cuss word and we had no idea where she heard it, we'd been asking her who says that.
Kelley: "Kate, who says that?"
Kate: "Rapunzel."
Kelley: "Who does Rapunzel say that to?"
Kate: "Her mom."
Kelley: "When you say it, are you being nice, or mean?"
Kate: (smiling as she answered) "Mean!"

As soon as we got home Saturday night, I started the movie Tangled and watched it with Kate as I unpacked our stuff.  If I stepped out of the room I'd ask if Rapunzel had said it yet, and she kept saying, "No, not yet."  The movie was nearly over and I'd decided that Kate was making it all up, but then she started smiling and said, "Here it comes!"  And here's what I saw:


Rapunzel says, "I am the lost princess!  Aren't I!"  Kate doesn't know the words "aren't I."  She saw Rapunzel's scowl, heard the expression, and thought Rapunzel was expressing anger!

Kelley and I will probably be saying, "AHN-tie" when we're mad for the rest of our lives.

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