Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day As A Mommy

Sunday was Mother's Day, and it was a special one: Kelley had her first Mother's Day as a mommy.  As you can see, Kate was just as happy about it as Kelley was.

At church, I took Kate on stage when I made announcements and talked about the significance of the day.  On second thought, I should've waited until Father's Day to do that!  She waved to everyone and smiled.  I think she likes the stage, and I know she likes the attention.  She's a "church" baby and goes to just about anyone.

Maybe I said this before, but the only time she hesitates to go to someone is if it's a man with facial hair.  She's not a fan of beards, mustaches, goatees, etc.  Good thing for both of us that I shave daily.  But, she'll generally choose a man over a woman.  When I drop her off in the mornings, if my dad hasn't left yet, she always wants him instead of Diane, and Diane is the one who keeps her all day.

On Monday, my Grandma gave me Sunday's Dear Abby column.  Kelley is going to mail it to Kate's birthmother.  I'll share it with you:

Dear Abby: This Mother's Day greeting is for all those incredibly unselfish mothers who chose to place their child up for adoption.  I am an adopted child whose life has been a wonderful journey.  If I could send a message to my birth mother, it would be one of eternal gratitude for allowing someone else to give me the life she was unable to provide.  My adoptive parents love me and instilled a value system and belief in God that have carried me through every challenge life has sent my way.  I never felt abandoned, but knew that I was chosen by people who were unable to have children.  There is no love like a mother's love.  That is why I want to tell all those mothers out there who gave their children to another parent to love and nurture that their sacrifice and heartache became a miracle for so many of us.  God bless all of you on this Mother's Day. - Thankful Daughter

Dear Thankful: I'm pleased to print your Mother's Day greeting, and I hope it will bring comfort and reassurance to any woman for whom today is a reminder of a painful sacrifice.  I would also like to wish a happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere.

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